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Our Story

SilkeBee has been on an amazing journey to get where we are today and we want to share that with you. Below you will find information on our brand values, customer testimonials, awards and more.

Reviving a Family Tradition

SilkeBee is born from a family tradition that can be traced back to a lady in the 1950s. Our Founder's maternal grandmother, Eneritha Rwaveya, lived in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe.

She would make skincare and other remedies from natural plants and herbs to sell in her and  her husband's farm shop. 

SilkeBee is carrying on her legacy by sharing these family recipe based products with you!

Soil Association

All of our key ingredients are purchased from Soil Association approved suppliers. We now live in a society that is waking up to the harm that chemically produced products can have on skin & the environment. We aim to do our best to do our part!

Eczema Friendly Products

At the age of 6 months, our Founder's eldest daughter Ayanda was diagnosed with dry skin and eczema. Unhappy with her daughter being prescribed steroids, our founder created a balm using ingredients from her kitchen. This was the birth of our popular baby balm.


Her second daughter Zuva, has flair ups of eczema at different times in the year. Luckily the Zuva's go to moisturiser is the baby balm so those flair ups are tackled naturally. 

Recycle & Re-Use

We package our balms in aluminium tins that are easy to recycle and use for multiple purposes. So don't forget to pop your empty SilkeBee tins into the recycling bin or re-purpose them when you are finished using the product!